JVS Group Inc.

We guarantee our services and results

JVS Group                                                                           

        • Is not a typical collection agency
        • Has in-house collectors, so collections are fast
        • Specialist at how to evaluate cases and maximize recovery
        • Knows how to evaluate cases and maximize recovery
        • Negotiates with debtors and obtains results
        • Has resources to find assets and collect your money and judgements
        • Allows the client to use one collection firm for all collection and litigation
        • Will not engage the legal recovery phase if the client prefers not too
        • Provides instant updated computer status reports to the client anywhere in the world
We are in the business to help our clients get what they've earned. At our company, we combine the power of attorney contact with the fundamentals of collections to enhance the potential of a high rate of return from debtors. What we are doing is working and can start working for you NOW!